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History of Ewelme Cricket Club
The club was formed in 1933 and have played at various locations in Ewelme before the . Evidence of this is shown in the minutes from the 1937 AGM, held on Thursday 4th May, which states that it is "The 5th Annual General Meeting". However, there is also annicdotal evidence that cricket was played in Ewelme long before the formation of the Cricket Club.
Click here to read the minutes from 1937, they are in PDF form. We have been able to display these minutes with the kind permission of the Historical Archive of Ewelme Society.
Over recent years the club has been a very relaxed organisation, so relaxed in fact that we cannot actually find any scorecards from before 2005. This is disappointing, and it means that the info contained on this web site is only from that season onwards.
The 2007 season - The end or a new beginning?
At the beginning of the 2007 season, the Parish Council informed us that they were no longer willing or able to afford to prepare the wicket for us. We had up until that time been very lucky to be so well supported by them and whilst we were disappointed by their decision, we understood why the decision had been made.
We decided that we wanted to carry on playing cricket on The Common and so put together a plan of what was required. The Parish Council had given us all the pitch preparation equipment, now we needed someone who was able to use it and thankfully found someone who lived in the village who was willing to prepare the wickets at a very reasonable cost. It did still mean that we needed to raise about £1,300 to complete the season.
We spoke to various local companies and friendly villagers and managed to raise the necessary funds. We still run various fund raising events during the season in order to keep going and thankfully a lot of Ewelme villagers continue to help us out in lots of different ways.
A new training facility
Towards the end of 2007 we became aware that the Lottery, in the shape of 'Awards for All', was offering financial support to local organisations in order to develop sporting facilities. After many discussions and consultations we made an application for some money to finance a new practice facility. At December's Parish Council meeting we presented our suggestion so that the village could make comments and suggestions.
In brief we proposed to build an all-weather practice wicket with a net and to locate this on the southwest corner of the Common. The proposal showed that a net enclosed the wicket so that the facility would be safe and that it should be located in such a way as to leave sufficient room for both the two existing 5/6/7 a side football pitches OR a full-size 11 a side pitch. We offered to paint the structure green with a dark green net in order to minimise the visual impact and to site the facility so that it did not interfere with other facilities e.g. Children's Playground etc.
In January 2008 we were grant £10,000 by Awards for All to build the net and leave us enough to get a bowling machine as well. In March 2008 the net was built as a village cricket facility, and it is good to see that it is frequently used throughout the season by a variety of people from the village and beyond.